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Pure & Co has been celebrating life’s rich craft of hand knitting every season since our first collection in 1998.

Neon Buddha started with the idea of producing a lifestyle clothing collection for travel, home, work, yoga and YOU. The collection is Canadian designed, produced, and managed by a team of 500 women in Thailand. Our team and the environment have inspired us to make products that can be well worn for life’s adventures and, most importantly, designed with a conscience. Neon Buddha is a lifestyle apparel fashion brand distributed by Pure and Co. founded by Sebastien Sirois.

StyleMeUp! is designed to help young girls create with freedom and personalization by bringing the latest trending fashion forward cosmetics, crafts and stationary. Style Me Up is a trademark sold by Pure and Co. a trusted Global manufacturer with over 20 years of experience creating and designing. 

Our unique culture reflects the values of our founder: to empower women. From our creative design teams and those who make our products, to the women who wear us and the girls who include us as part of their creative journey – you  inspire us – and we create for you.

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500-1,000 employees

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