About Us

We think travel and fashion, together, ignite joy in everyday life. So, we design joyful pieces equally suited to long haul flights and train rides, lunch at your favourite café or a night in with a glass of wine.

Special details on every single one of our pieces are inspired by cultures around the world. We pair them with effortlessly comfortable fabrics that move with you—whether you travel near or far.

Our story was sparked by adventure—it began in Bolivia where we made our first sweaters and led to Thailand where we opened our first factory.
Twenty years later, that spirit of exploration lives in each of our collections.

Today we are inspired by sheaths of bamboo in the dense Thai jungles, rich greens and reds from gardens of Japan, glistening shells on the coastline of Italy... Our collections bring the fun and adventure of travel into your every day.

Our tagline “Express your zen” plays off the juxtaposition of "Neon" and "Buddha." It represents both calm serenity and expressive joy. The Neon Buddha woman has a zest for life, but also values comfort and calm—and this tagline encapsulates both sides of her.


The Fundamental Pillars of the Brand

1. Designed in Canada, inspired by the world

We are proudly Canadian. Our all-female design team is based on our fashion capital, Montreal. The inspiration for each collection comes from our travels in our home country and vast destinations around the world.

2. Comfort meets style

We’re the original work-toweekend brand. You can do anything in Neon Buddha. Our fabrics and fits have the comfort of pajamas, but our polished, modern silhouettes and elevated details are made for work, travel and social events.

3. Stand-out details

Each piece has a conversation- starting element—a special detail that looks anything but ordinary. From hand-tooled tin buttons from Thailand to tuxedo stripes inspired by Monaco nights—we look for inspiration everywhere to give women pieces they can’t find anywhere else.

4. Made for every season of life

We help women feel confident— no matter their age or size. We focus on fits and silhouettes that our woman feels comfortable in. Our diverse size range represents all shapes and sizes. We design age-appropriate, but modern, styles that work in her day-to-day life.

5. Always natural

Since day one, we have been committed to natural fibres that breathe, retain their shape and stand the test of time. Our collection is centred on quality cotton—one of nature’s softest and easiest-to-care-for fibres. You can feel the difference.


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