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The Mae Tao Clinic has been in desperate need of architectural expertise and guidance. The need for the clinic continues to grow and will soon include a new health and training facility. To accomplish this, the clinic needs an architect to oversee the project, ensure the safety of the buildings and incorporate sustainable and renewable energy functions.

Albert Olmo graduated Technical Architecture from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Spain in 2007 and continued with advanced studies in Wales, U.K. Working as technical architect for almost 4 years in different firms gave him the opportunity to improve his skills in computer drawing and knowledge in construction.

In addition to his architectural expertise, he has volunteered internationally for several projects, heralding the causes of sustainable growth and renewable energy and resources. He has volunteered for campaigns in Catalonia, Canary Islands, and Galicia, Spain to raise awareness on climate change and preserving native fauna. Due to his interest of how the architecture can contribute to humanitarian aid in the field, he decided to travel to Thailand. His first path was in the south of Thailand where he had the opportunity to participate in a local project improving water and sanitation facilities, and at the same time be aware of the difficulties that migrant Burmese people face on the Thai-Myanmar border.

With Burma Campaign Spain, in January 2010 he arrived at the Mae Tao Clinic to coordinate the construction of a new maternity clinic. Although the funds for this project fell through, he recognized the role he could play, and remained at MTC volunteering and participating in several construction projects such as the Child Recreation Centre, In-patient Department extension, RH In-patient Department renovation and new Child Registration Unit.

Today, his main goal is not only to design and build, but also to promote sustainability in construction by introducing alternative materials, promoting the importance of mapping the projects, creating networks among architectural organizations and conducting workshops for local staff. With funding back on track, all of these are being implemented in the current project of the new Mae Tao Clinic Training Centre.