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bawknu2.jpgBawk Nu grew up in a large family and is the second among eight siblings. Her parents earn their living by farming and running a small family business. This has been barely enough to provide even the basic necessities daily to support the entire family. However, her parents understood the value of education and persisted so Bawk could finish her bachelor’s degree and work toward a better life.

After college she moved to Yangon for better opportunities. She found these weren’t accessible for a woman from a small farming village. To support herself, she worked as a sales representative at a souvenir shop and volunteered as a teacher in a school for children from disadvantaged families. She realized her education and training weren’t enough to provide the proper education she believed these children deserved. She left Burma and went to Thailand to pursue better education. The language barrier and lack of legal documents initially created a challenge to find work but she was eventually offered a job at a local NGO. Over the years, she has worked with several other NGO’s where she earned invaluable experience and technical skills that contributed to a strong work ethic. She is now finishing her master’s degree for Management in Organization Development at Assumption University, Thailand.