mawk2.jpgNang Mawk, at a young age, witnessed and experienced injustice from the Burmese army troops. Her parents were forced into slave labor which led them to eventually flee Burma and leave her in the care of her aunt. Despite constant and persistent financial struggles, she was able to go to school. With strong determination and resolve, she graduated high school however she yearned for more advanced education.

Nang persevered. She attended and finished her undergraduate studies and decided to move to Thailand. As paid job opportunities were scarce, she volunteered to teach at a local NGO. This is when she realized she had to go further. She wanted to build a concrete education system with a creative curriculum to encourage students toward critical thinking, to express their own opinions, and follow their aspirations.

Nang Mawk is now finishing her masters’ degree in Education Administration at Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand.