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may1.jpgNang May, from Mon State, Burma, has had a complicated and difficult life growing up. As the eldest child, she absorbed the pressure to help her family financially. Together with her parents, she struggled long and hard to earn sufficient funds and provide for the family. While also working, she finished high school in Burma and then decided she needed to leave to look for better opportunities abroad.

She left for Bangkok and worked as a house help for three years. She took this time to improve her Thai and save enough for a better education. She moved up north and became involved in NGO’s and community-based organizations. These organizations shaped her technical and theoretical knowledge in social service and reaffirmed her passion. She is currently taking her bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Miriam College, Philippines.

She hopes that one day, her native land, Burma, will have a stronger educational and social welfare system, geared towards social and capacity-building services. Nang May is committed to fostering and rebuilding leadership skills among her countrymen to enable them to take action on pending and much needed community issues.