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mo1.jpgSo far, Nang Mo’s past experiences have not hindered her from achieving her goals. She was born and raised in the conflict-torn Shan state (Burma) and she has already handled a number of unanticipated difficulties and complicated events. Her parents fled Burma when she was three years old. Nang moved to live with her grandmother and they were soon forced to leave their land and settle in an Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp. Nang grew determined to complete her studies and then continued on, through much hardship, to finish her undergraduate studies.

Despite having very limited opportunities in the camp, she was able to find work within the camp’s educational system. While this work taught her useful skills such as time management, accounting, planning and organization, she learned that without state infrastructure and appropriate resources, education would remain completely underdeveloped. Even though leaving the camp meant that Nang would not be protected, she left to work with several outside organizations to broaden her language skills to create the opportunity to work as a translator. She now speaks Burmese, English, Japanese, and Thai.

She fervently hopes that one day, she will be able to contribute to building a strong, non-biased educational system in Burma. Nang is currently finishing her master’s degree in Educational Administration at Ramkhamhaeng University, in Bangkok.