nilar1.jpgNang Lar Htwe, from the beautiful Mon State, Myanmar, says she has had an amazingly successful life so far in spite all of the hardship she faced growing up. As a teenager her parents were forced, due to financial difficulty and tradition, to leave her in the care of her infirm grandparents. For many years she worked tirelessly to support her grandparents while finishing her high school and university degrees. She attained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Mawlamyine, Myanmar .

After receiving her college degree, she was invited to visit her parents in Thailand; her first connection to them in many years. Here she was exposed to underprivileged children in a learning center and realized her desire to advocate for children’s education. While in Thailand she was asked to serve as language teacher to a new school for Burmese migrants’ children. Her natural aptitude for education quickly got her promoted to school principal.

She is now studying for her master’s in Education Administration at Ramkhamhaeng University, in Bangkok a much needed field of expertise for Myanmar’s education system.