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20140402_183838-225x300.jpgPure & Co is committed to education. We believe that education can be the catalyst to make the world a better place. Therefore, we offer scholarships to staff, and young men and women from various backgrounds and regions of the world. Scholarships are awarded based upon established academic commitment, need, and most of all, proven and potential leadership ability.

We at Pure & Co are proud that we are able to support the scholastic aspirations of those bright, determined, and potentially visionary students who would otherwise be unable to attend a quality school, further their academic pursuits or soar to the heights they were destined for.

We are proud of those we support, how much we are able to support and also how we offer our support. Many in the company have a voice in where charitable donations go, and therefore organizations and students have an entire company supporting them. We refuse to offer money blindly. We give money to worthy organizations and students with potential to make the world a better place. Their long term success is our ultimate goal, and that requires relationship building as well as financial support.

Young men and women who are awarded scholarships begin their education with a support system. They receive frequent check–ins from staff. Many students are moving to a new area or country to study and we want our students to be successful, and understand that the hardest thing about moving to a new place may not be the exams! We do everything we can to ensure these new leaders of the world are happy and healthy, as well as getting a superior education.

Below a list of students currently receiving financial support. Click on ‘Read More’ for more detailed information of each grant recipient.


Matt Schissler

Matt Schissler, a native of Washington State, USA, has been working in Thailand and Myanmar since 2007. He first began working with ethnic community organizations from Myanmar's ethnic rural area ...

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Thair Thin Zar Oo

Thair Thin Zar Oo from Yangon, Myanmar has always dreamed of giving back to her community and helping those who couldn’t help themselves. To do this, she knew she needed ...

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Su Su Yin

Su Su Yin comes from a small family in Tharbaung, Myanmar. Having a doctor for a father and a town administrative officer for a mother, she learned early of the ...

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Bawk Nu

Bawk Nu grew up in a large family and is the second among eight siblings. Her parents earn their living by farming and running a small family business. This has ...

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Naw Paw

Naw Paw, as the eldest daughter from a struggling family, always had the weight on her shoulders to mature quickly and tend to her siblings. Coming from Karen, Burma which ...

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Nang Mo

So far, Nang Mo’s past experiences have not hindered her from achieving her goals. She was born and raised in the conflict-torn Shan state (Burma) and she has already handled ...

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Nang May

Nang May, from Mon State, Burma, has had a complicated and difficult life growing up. As the eldest child, she absorbed the pressure to help her family financially. Together with ...

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Nang Hseng

Nang Hseng was born into a family of farmers in Shan State, Burma (now Myanmar). As a young child, she helped the family during crop season and endured years of ...

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Nang Mawk

Nang Mawk, at a young age, witnessed and experienced injustice from the Burmese army troops. Her parents were forced into slave labor which led them to eventually flee Burma and ...

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Stefany Baskett

Stefany Baskett’s potential as a critical thinker, creative problem solver and citizen of the world began with her days in Girl Guides in Canada. She learned early how to help ...

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Nang Nilar Htwe

Nang Lar Htwe, from the beautiful Mon State, Myanmar, says she has had an amazingly successful life so far in spite all of the hardship she faced growing up. As ...

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Hhlaing Yu Aung

Hlaing Yu Aung is a native of Myanmar's former capital, Yangon. Despite being a single child, life was not easy due to severe financial problems. Knowing her family’s living situation...

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