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Jackets & Vests

The Neon Buddha Guarantee:

  • Natural Quality Fibers that Last for Years to Come
  • Styles With Handcrafted Coconut & Shell Buttons
  • NO Stretching, Bubbling or Shrinkage in the Wash
  • “Color Fade” Will Never Enter Our Vocabulary
  • 30 Day Hassle-Free Returns & Exchanges
Jackets & Vests
All Jackets & Vests
Expose Hoodie
$30.00 $90.00 Sale
Sus. CharcoalReclaimed EarthInspired RedElectric BlueExquisite PlumRoyal JewelGypsy SlateWinter OrangeMossPurple
Modern Patch Jacket
$30.00 $110.00 Sale
Passionate PuddyCraft PinkLime SurfCoastal CoralSummer PlumSky TurquoisePurpleDark GreyGoodnight MintVictoria CocoaBordeaux WineAurora PurpleBEAUTIFUL PERILovely CreamModern OrchidTurquoise WaterLuxe EmerladFuture LimeCamp Blue
Sweet Tie Jacket
$15.00 $120.00 Sale
Passionate PuddySus. CharcoalPenny Lane
Poppy Blazer
$30.00 $120.00 Sale
Hudson MossFernie LimeGranby TealSus. CharcoalReclaimed EarthEarthly GreenTurquoise Waterhollywood nightSummer PlumCocoDay Tripper RedMoon ShadowCalabria OlivePassionate PuddyEco OnyxCraft PinkClean TurquoiseModern TaupeTerracottaDark GreyYukon DustSlate
Zesty Jacket
$30.00 $110.00 Sale
Reclaimed EarthPassionate PuddySus. CharcoalDeep Royal
Mediterranean Jacket 2
$30.00 $110.00 Sale
Reclaimed EarthEco OnyxEmerald SeaAurora PurpleCrocodile RockEarthly GreenMoon ShadowVintage StoneDusty Pebble
Peace Jacket
$30.00 $110.00 Sale
Hudson MossUrban GreenReclaimed EarthExotic PinkCrocodile Rockhollywood nightMountain MossLightning LimeGoodnight MintDusty PebbleSus. CharcoalWINTER BERRYRUSTIC WINERoyal JewelPerky PinkBold SpicePicasso RoyalLotus RoseButter
Chotana Car Jacket
$30.00 $110.00 Sale
Explorer NavySus. CharcoalReclaimed EarthExquisite PlumWinter TurquoiseEco OrangeSummer PlumMountain MossChic GreenFlirty AquaDusty PebbleExotic PinkTea LeafLodge RedWinter OrangePurpleDry ChiliVictoria Cocoa
Westport Jacket
$30.00 $95.00 Sale
WhiteSus. CharcoalCultural CoralWINTER BERRYMustard SeedCrocodile RockLodge RedEco OrangeTurquoise WaterCoastal CoralSummer PlumDeep RoyalGypsy SlateTealDeep BlueValley BlueFISHING BT BLUEDusty PebbleEco OnyxModern TwigMountain MossPurpleSandLovely CreamOff WhiteDenim BlueReclaimed EarthRedLime SurfDark GreyTues AfternoonSmoke BlueExquisite PlumAurora Purple
Leova Car Jacket
$30.00 $100.00 Sale
Explorer NavySus. CharcoalVibrant RedSky TurquoisePassionate PuddyButterFunky LimeCrocodile RockCome Sail Away
Born To Run Car Jacket
$30.00 $105.00 Sale
Crocodile RockMarket SageSCOOTER CHRCOALAurora PurpleExplorer NavyExquisite PlumEarthly GreenBootleg Navy
Morgan Ruched Jacket
$30.00 $90.00 Sale
Reclaimed EarthFernie LimeGranby TealAbbotsford BlueExquisite PlumDeep RoyalDenim BlueMoon ShadowBrown Eyed GirlPassionate PuddyRoyal Jewelhollywood night
Ruffled Car Jacket
$30.00 $110.00 Sale
Lifestyle BlueCloud BlueDesert ClayMossPenny LaneLuxe EmerladModern TaupeGoodnight MintVictoria CocoaAurora PurpleLime SurfYukon DustTurquoise Water
Dharma Swing Jacket
$30.00 $90.00 Sale
Passionate PuddyAbbotsford BlueTurquoise WaterManila Turquoisehollywood nightSummer PlumSand
Mantra Jacket
$30.00 $100.00 Sale
Fernie LimeSus. CharcoalReclaimed EarthEco OnyxVictoria CocoaDusty PebbleExquisite PlumNavyGypsy SlateBootleg Navy
Mantra Swing Jacket
$30.00 $100.00 Sale
Passionate PuddyCrocodile RockExquisite PlumRoyal JewelDark GreyVictoria CocoaBrown Eyed GirlBlackReclaimed Earthhollywood nightPurpleBootleg NavySus. CharcoalInspired Red